The purpose of California Advisory Committee on Geographic Names (CACGN) is to provide recommendations to the U.S. Board on Geographic Names regarding California names for official use in federal publications. The California Natural Resources Agency, with one voting member each from its Departments of Conservation, Fish and Game, Forestry and Fire Protection, Parks and Recreation, and Water Resources, is the CACGN executive sponsor. The USDI Bureau of Land Management and U.S. Geological Survey, and the USDA Forest Service are represented as CACGN advisory members.



The Council of Geographic Names Authorities in the United States (COGNA) is an independent, non-profit organization that promotes national standardization of names of geographic features within governmental jurisdictions. This goal is sought through cooperation among federal and state agencies that have responsibilities for naming geographic features and cultural entities as mandated by the United States Board on Geographic Names. Our State's membership in COGNA is sponsored by the California Resources Agency.

Further information on COGNA is available at

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What's New

The (This link open in new tab) U.S. Board of Geographic Names approved five name changes and one new name in California.

 New Name Old Name  Feature Type  County  Latitude  Longitude  USGS Topo Map
(Headers:  New Name) Springtown (Headers: Old Name) Confederate Corners (Headers:  Feature Type) Place (Headers:  County) Monterey (Headers:  Latitude) 36.644682 (Headers:  Longitude) -121.6643902 (Headers:  USGS Topo Map) Salinas
(Headers:  New Name) Wintu Bay (Headers: Old Name) Digger Bay (Headers:  Feature Type) Bay (Headers:  County) Shasta (Headers:  Latitude) 40.7257052 (Headers:  Longitude) -122.3902876 (Headers:  USGS Topo Map) Shasta Dam
(Headers:  New Name) Wintu Creek (Headers: Old Name) Digger Creek (Headers:  Feature Type) Stream (Headers:  County) Shasta (Headers:  Latitude) 40.7254275 (Headers:  Longitude) -122.3855651 (Headers:  USGS Topo Map) Shasta Dam, City of Shasta Lake
(Headers:  New Name) Pruett Lake (Headers: Old Name) Pruitt Lake (Headers:  Feature Type) Lake (Headers:  County) Tuolumne (Headers:  Latitude) 38.1122842 (Headers:  Longitude) -119.7619067 (Headers:  USGS Topo Map) Kibbie Lake
(Headers:  New Name) Hungalelti Ridge (Headers: Old Name) Squaw Ridge (Headers:  Feature Type) Ridge (Headers:  County) Amador, Alpine (Headers:  Latitude) 38.63699  (Headers:  Longitude) -120.05624  (Headers:  USGS Topo Map) Caples Lake, Mokulumne Peak, Bear River Reservoir 
(Headers:  New Name) Moody Creek (Headers: Old Name) (Headers:  Feature Type) Stream (Headers:  County) Santa Clara (Headers:  Latitude) 37.35325 (Headers:  Longitude) -122.15439 (Headers:  USGS Topo Map) Mindego Hill

JULY Meeting Notice and Agenda